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Dr. G -The Miami Hair Doctor

His patients know him as “Dr. G”, but the medical community calls him Jorge Gaviria, M.D., one of the country’s leading hair restoration innovators and surgeons. Dr. G is a Diplomate of the American Board of Hair Transplant Surgeons. He brings to patients the benefit of more than 20 years of experience and many thousands of successful results.

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Dr. G has long been considered a leading authority on hair loss and hair restoration. As such, he has developed wholly-unique hair surgical techniques that ensure his transplantation patients experience …

  • Little or no discomfort

  • The least risk of scarring or infection

  • The fastest possible recovery

  • The best overall aesthetic results

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How Hair Surgery Works

• Design
• Anesthesia
• Extraction
• Transplant Sites
• Planting

Top 4 Treatments to Reverse Hair Loss

Options to help stop Hair Loss

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This comprehensive analysis is essential to the determination of your current level of hair loss. Beyond that, it provides a clear indication of where and how fast your hair loss will continue. The results will tell us whether your condition is temporary or permanent due to inherited male/female pattern baldness. The latter is the most common as an easily recognizable diagnosis, and its progression is very predictable as illustrated by the Universal Norwood Scale.

Our experts will go through your medical and hair loss history. He will examine your scalp for disease, and finally, he will do a pull test to discern resistance to shedding. All your questions will be answered and your goals fully addressed. Lastly, you’ll receive a customized treatment plan designed to achieve maximum results. The plan will include all costs for the procedure, including any necessary blood tests and medications.

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