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Jorge I. Gaviria, MD  “Dr. G”

Our hair transplant surgeon Dr. G has been in practice for over 20 years. He is an esteemed Diplomate of The American Board of Hair Transplant Surgeons, and he is one of approximately 100 board certified Hair Restoration Surgeons currently practicing worldwide. Dr. G was educated in both Colombia and the United States, where he has pioneered leading-edge restoration therapies and surgical techniques that represent today’s highest standards of practice. A recognized leader in his field, Dr. G’s medical research and writings have ushered in a new era of advancements in hair transplantation, low-level laser hair restoration, and the medical management of hair loss.

Education & Honors

Dr. G graduated summa cum laude from Colombia’s prestigious University CES, where he also completed his internship. Subsequently, he completed two fellowships to further develop and fine-tune his minimally-invasive surgical techniques. Dr. G has gone on to distinguish himself by earning numerous medical awards, including first-place honors for his abstract presented to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.


Based on his years of clinical research and surgical practice, Dr. G has authored numerous textbook chapters, white papers, and authoritative medical journal articles on hair loss and both its surgical and non-surgical treatment. Most recently he was named Clinical Research Scientist of the Year by a body of his peers in Boca Raton, FL.He is also a frequent speaker at major international medical conferences around the world.

Experience | Hair Transplant Surgeon

Throughout his 20-year medical career, Dr. G has been committed to researching and advancing the medical community’s knowledge of hair growth physiology, the causes of hair loss, and the restoration of natural hair growth via surgical and non-surgical techniques. He has contributed significantly to the body of work that has become part of the curriculum for interns and residents specializing in hair restoration. And his development of the ever more minimally-invasive FUE and FUT transplantation techniques has made him an icon in his field.


Non-Profit Contributions

Dr. G has long been committed to using his resources for the betterment of others. Hence, his community involvements are many and varied. He volunteers medical services to Central and South American agricultural workers in South Florida’s rural areas. Likewise, he attends to remote Indian tribes in the SSSA Aerial Health Program as a volunteer with the Colombian Health System (Servicio Seccional de Salud de Antioquia, SSSA). In support of the Catholic Church Volunteer Program, he attends to the health of economically deprived residents in various Medellin, Colombia mountain communities. He also contributes his time as a board member of Musical Cares, a national nonprofit that donates instruments to underprivileged music students and underfunded school music programs.

Who is Dr. G?

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P: 954.317.3537


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