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Before You Stop Thinning Hair, Determine the Cause


In order to properly address your thinning hair, you must first find out what the cause of your hair loss is. You may have some idea of what is going on, but a qualified medical professional can more readily understand your concerns and develop a diagnosis based on your symptoms and lifestyle. Your diet, your stress levels, and your medical history can all be contributors to your thinning hair. Your doctor will ask you questions about all of these factors and speak to you about solutions that address your particular concerns and tackle the root of your thinning hair problem.

What are Some Hair Thinning Solutions?


There a number of solutions for thinning hair that can range from the natural to the surgical. On the more natural end of the spectrum, you may consider supplements to adjust the amount iron and zinc that you intake. However, it is important that you consult with your doctor about the supplements that you take. You may also want to consider more general lifestyle changes to your diet and activities to encourage healthier habits and better stress management, as both of these can be contributors to your hair loss.

Minoxidil was originally used to treat high blood pressure, but it was caused to cause unwanted hair growth, particularly in women. Seeing this reaction, a topical application of the drug was created to help hair growth. The way that it works is by widening the hair follicle and creating a thicker strand. It also prolongs the anagen stage, or the active growth phase of the follicle, which gives the user a longer hair and a higher number of hair strands. While it is still unknown what the precise physiological basis for these effects is, it is still safe and effective in helping those with thinning hair.

PRP, or Platelet-Rich Plasma, is also an option. This solution utilizes your own blood, specifically your platelets, to enrich your scalp with growth factors that function as messengers to your follicles to work and grow. It is separated from your blood using a centrifuge; the platelets are then injected directly into the scalp.

Finally, you may consider hair transplant surgery. Hair transplant surgery is a highly effective solution that requires minimal maintenance and gives lasting results. There are two procedures which you should consider: FUE and FUT. FUE is also known as Follicular Unit Extraction and FUT is known as Follicular Unit Transfer. These two procedures take follicles from the back of the patient’s head and transplant them to the front where they typically suffer the hair loss. While the FUE is suited for smaller areas, the FUT is better for grafting in large sections.

Knowing which solution is going to help you best is a decision best made with a professional. That is why you should seek out a consultation with a doctor in order to determine how to stop thinning hair most effectively for your particular hair loss.

Miami Hair Doctor is a clinic near Miami and we provide patients with the opportunity to participate in a variety of hair loss solutions according to what their needs are. If you would like to speak with Dr. G and see what solution is going to be best for you, contact us at Miami Hair Doctor.


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